How do I get a digital secure key for First Direct?

How do I generate a security code with my Digital Secure Key?

  1. Open up our App.
  2. If you’ve got fingerprint or face ID set up, select ‘Cancel’.
  3. Select ‘Go to security codes’.
  4. Choose the type of security code you need – and that’s it. Job done.

How does First Direct Secure Key work?

A Secure Key is a small, portable device that looks a bit like a small calculator, which generates a unique, single use security code every time you want to access Online Banking. It’s just an extra layer of security to look after you and your money.

What is your digital secure key?

What is Digital Secure Key? Digital Secure Key, a function of the HSBC Mobile Banking application, is a one-time password generation application which strengthens your security in accessing HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

How do I transfer my first direct bank App to my new phone?

If you’ve still got your old phone

  1. First, get your old phone and log on to the first direct App.
  2. Next, open the menu (tap the 3 horizontal lines).
  3. Select ‘Security Settings’.
  4. Next up, grab your new phone.
  5. Once you’ve done that, you’ll come to a screen introducing our Digital Secure Key.
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Can I log on to HSBC without secure key?

You will be able to access online banking without the Secure Key with limited service only.

How do I activate my HSBC Secure Key?

Activate your physical Secure Key

Select log on to online banking. Enter your username. Enter the answer to your memorable question and the requested characters from your password. Select ‘Activate Secure Key now’.

How do I log on to First Direct app?

Securely log on to our App with either your fingerprint or face biometric. With Touch ID, you can log on to our App just by placing your fingerprint on the home button.

How do I get an HSBC code?

Open the HSBC Mobile Banking app on your phone and select Generate Security Code. Select Re-authentication security code. Password option – Enter your Digital Security Device passcode and select Generate code.

How do I get a new HSBC security device?

If you lose your HSBC Security Device, please call the Contact Center at 866.537. 4722 and we will order you a new one. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, you might want to consider the Digital Security Device, which is part of the HSBC Mobile Banking App, so that you won’t have anything additional to carry.