What does the Coast Guard flag look like?

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The flag of the United States Coast Guard is white with a dark blue Great Seal of the United States; the shield on the eagle’s breast has a blue chief over vertical red and white stripes.

How many flags does the Coast Guard have?

We are unique to the other services for we have two official flags, the Coast Guard standard and the Coast Guard ensign.

Is the Coast Guard a flag?

Coast Guard ensign flags consist of 16 alternating red and white horizontal stripes. The canton of the ensign in the upper left quadrant is the American coat of arms in dark blue on a white background. The Coast Guard ensign also has a Coast Guard seal in blue and white.

Who can fly the Coast Guard Ensign?

By regulation (33 CFR 23.05), the Coast Guard ensign must be displayed whenever a Coast Guard vessel is engaged in law enforcement actions. Even when they are not conducting law enforcement missions, Coast Guard vessels nevertheless fly the distinctive ensign from the head of the forwardmost mast.

What is the Coast Guard symbol called?

The Coast Guard mark consists of the Coast Guard emblem and a tri-colored band of Coast Guard blue (PMS 307 C), then white, then Coast Guard red (PMS 179 C). The Coast Guard seal is a pair of crossed anchors superimposed by a life ring with shield and surrounded by a line grommet.

What do two red triangle flags mean?

Two red triangle-shaped flags are raised during gale warnings. Gale warnings are issued when winds are forecast to range between 34 and 47 knots. During a storm warning, one square red flag with a smaller black square inside is hoisted. This indicates winds between 48 and 63 knots.

What do Coast Guard flags mean?

Red and yellow flags; these flags indicate the safest part of the beach and you should always swim between them. Lifeguards will move the flags depending on the weather or tidal conditions. Black and white chequered flags; these flags indicate areas designated for watersports such as surfing and kayaking.

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What flag means peace?

White Flag. The oldest known symbol of peace to be devised into a flag design was the white flag. With mentioned uses going back to AD 25, the white flag was originally recognised in conflict as the flag of surrender, truce or ceasefire.

What flag is white with a blue eagle on it?

Flag of American Samoa

Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 10:19
Adopted April 17, 1960
Design A red-edged white triangle pointing towards the hoist charged with a bald eagle clutching a war club and a fly-whisk. The white triangle divided the dark blue field into two separate triangles.
Designed by Fareti Sotoa

Is the Coast Guard armed forces?

The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard are the armed forces of the United States.

What rank is ensign in the Coast Guard?

Ensign is the 17th rank in the United States Coast Guard , ranking above Ensign. An ensign is a Junior Officer at DoD paygrade O-1, with a starting monthly pay of $3,477.

Why isn’t the Coast Guard part of the Navy?

Recent legislation has moved the Coast Guard to the Department of Homeland Security. However, the Coast Guard is considered a military service, because, during times of war or conflict, the president of the United States can transfer any or all assets of the Coast Guard to the Department of the Navy.

Has the Coast Guard ever fought in a war?

The Coast Guard Leads the Army

There, the fighting was known as the Puget Sound War, fought between the U.S. Army and the Nisqually, Muckleshoot, Puyallup and Klickitat tribes. This part of the Indian Wars also had a maritime component that required the Navy and Revenue Cutter Service. “It’s the Coast Guard!

What does a red flag with a black square in it mean?

Weather Warning Signals

A storm warning is signaled by a single square red flag with a second black square in the center. If two square red flags with black squares are present, it’s meant to communicate a hurricane warning.

What does a red flag with a black square mean?

The other storm flag is a hurricane flag. This is a red square with a black square in the center of the flag. Flying two of the square red flags indicates a hurricane with wind sustained wind speed of 74-156 mph or more. In conjunction with Hurricane and Storm flags there are also a number or weather flags.

What does a yellow flag with a black dot mean?

Yellow Flag with Black Dot. Some beaches use a yellow flag featuring a black dot in the center. The flag indicates that surfing is prohibited in that particular area to ensure that swimmers will not have to deal with surfers in the water.

What does a black and white flag mean?

The black and white American flag originated during the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. It was created as an opposing symbol to the white flag, which symbolizes surrender. Confederate army soldiers flew the black flag to demonstrate they would not give in or surrender to the enemy.

Are Coast Guard called sailors?

Navy personnel are called sailors, those in the Marine Corps are called “Marines” (note the capitalized M), the Coast Guard calls its people “Coast Guardsmen,” and the National Guard uses whatever branch personnel belong to (Air National Guard members called airmen, for example).

What is the age limit for the Coast Guard?

Age Limits for Enlisting

You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is: Coast Guard: 31. Marines: 28.

Which flag is surrender?

In more recent history, the white flag has become an internationally recognized symbol not only for surrender but also for the wish to initiate ceasefires and conduct battlefield negotiations.

What is the freedom flag?

The Freedom Flag Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to establish the Freedom Flag as a national symbol of remembrance for September 11, 2001 and to support educational efforts of teaching future generations about the tragic events and many lives lost on that date.

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What flag is blue with yellow circle?

Flag of Palau

Use Civil and state flag, civil and state ensign
Proportion 5:8
Adopted 1 January 1981
Design A light blue field with the large yellow disk shifted slightly to the hoist-side of center.
Designed by Blau J. Skebong

How many military flags are there?

There are two types of flag commonly described as military service flags. One is the official flag of the branch of service itself: the Army flag, Navy flag, etc.

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Do Coast Guard helicopters have guns?

Some special MH- designated helicopters are armed with guns and some are equipped with armor to protect against small arms fire. Out of 14 on order. Aircraft as a VIP transport for high-ranking Coast Guard and Homeland Security officials.

What color is the Coast Guard boat?

The iconic orange and blue Racing Stripe – painted on the bow of every USCG vessel – provides a perfect example of an innovative solution to this identity problem.

Is it hard to join the Coast Guard?

Joining the Coast Guard is more difficult than other branches because it accepts much fewer new recruits than the other branches of the military, and enrollment requirements are tough and strict. You will even have to go through a credit check and pass a security clearance check.

Do coast guards see combat?

The Coast Guard is the least likely to see combat, as they are a part of Homeland Security and play a different role in protecting the United States. Every military branch has a different organizational structure. Within that structure, some units and troops focus on training for combat.

How long does it take to rank up in Coast Guard?

And the Coast Guard requires six months as an E-2, demonstration of military and professional qualifications, and a commander’s approval in order to be promoted to E-3. The next step up is E-4, and this is the last level of pay grade promotion that’s considered virtually automatic based on time served.

Who is the highest ranking person in the Coast Guard?

The rank of admiral (or full admiral, or four-star admiral) is the highest rank in the U.S. Coast Guard. It ranks above vice admiral (three-star admiral) and below Fleet Admiral (five-star admiral).

Did the Coast Guard fight in Vietnam?

In all, 8,000 Coast Guardsmen served in Vietnam. Their efforts curtailed maritime smuggling and enemy infiltration, saved hundreds of lives, and proved vital to the U.S. war effort in Vietnam.

Why does the Coast Guard fly over the beach?

US Coast Guard flies high above coastal waters in order to spot migrants sailing toward South Florida. OPA-LOCKA, FLA. (WSVN) – A mission has taken flight from South Florida, and it has to do with the increasing number of migrants that have headed to our shores.

Can you quit the Coast Guard?

In some cases, members will be allowed to simply leave their contract and go on their merry way. However, members often incur a service commitment to the Guard or Reserves if they leave active duty early. This could be a Regular Reserve or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) commitment.

Can the Coast Guard board my boat?

The Coast Guard has sweeping authority to board any vessel (subject to the jurisdiction of the United States) at any time, any place. It does not require a warrant. It does not require probable cause. Boardings need not be based on a suspicion that a violation already exists aboard the vessel.

What are Coast Guard members called?

The formal name for a uniformed member of the Coast Guard is “Coast Guardsman”, irrespective of gender. “Coastie” is an informal term commonly used to refer to current or former Coast Guard personnel.

Has the Coast Guard ever lost a ship?

BOSTON (CBS) – The U.S. Coast Guard announced Thursday it has found the wreckage of a ship that has been lost for nearly six decades. The Coast Guard had been searching for the cutter Bear since it was lost at sea while being towed in 1963.

What does dropping red flag mean?

A red flag is either a literal warning of some danger, like the signal flag used by a sinking ship, or a figurative warning, like the red flag a candidate’s angry outburst sends to the voters about his temperament.

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What does an upside down flag mean on a ship?

If a crew abandons a ship in distress to save their life, the last thing to do (if they have time to do so) is to turn the flag upside down. This means that they give up any right on the vessel or cargo and anybody who manages to rescue the ship afterwards could keep it.

What does a blue flag mean on a boat?

If you are an individual boat owner and you wish to make particular efforts towards a better environment, you can sign our Code of Conduct, and become part of our network. You will receive a Blue Flag for your boat, to show that you respect those rules, and that you are a proud lover of our oceans and coastline.

What does a red flag with a white line through it mean?

The red flag with the diagonal white stripe is the symbol that a diver is in the water and boaters operating nearby should be extra cautious.

What does a purple flag mean at the beach?

Purple flag means dangerous marine life spotted.

What does double red flag mean?

What does it mean when there’s a double-red flag? A double-red flag warns the public of dangerous water conditions and more specifically, that water is closed!

What is the yellow flag with a snake on it?

Gadsden flag

Adopted 1775
Design A yellow banner charged with a yellow coiled timber rattlesnake facing toward the hoist sitting upon a patch of green grass, with thirteen rattles for the thirteen colonies, the words “DONT TREAD ON ME” positioned below the snake in black.
Designed by Christopher Gadsden

What does a red flag at the ocean mean?

These flags will fly from lifeguard stands to alert of any potential dangers. As indicated, a double red flag means the water is closed to the public; no swimming is allowed. A single red flag indicates hazardous conditions, such as strong waves or currents. Medium hazards are indicated by a yellow flag, wh…

What does a GREY American flag mean?

The thin gray line is a symbol that is used to show support for correctional officers.

How often do coast guards come home?

The reality is that Coast Guard missions are often away from home. CG members do not get to go home every night. Depending on their unit, they may be gone from a couple of days to upwards of a year. THREE- “At least you know your spouse is safe and not in danger.”

How long is Coast Guard boot camp?

Boot camp is an eight-week long training session at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, NJ. Boot camp is tough, both mentally and physically! Its purpose is to prepare you for life in the Coast Guard.

How much do you have to weigh to join the Coast Guard?

Coast Guard Height And Weight Requirements

Height (inches) Minimum Screening Weight (lbs.) Maximum Screening Weight (lbs.)
64 110 160
65 114 165
66 117 170
67 121 175

What is the red black and green striped flag?

Also known as the UNIA flag, the Afro-American flag, and the Black Liberation flag, the distinct red, black, and green Pan-African flag was created in 1920.

What is the flag with one blue stripe?

The “Thin Blue Line” flag, which resembles an American flag but has a blue stripe, is a sign of support for law enforcement but has also come to signal opposition to the racial justice movement and a symbol of white supremacy or support for the Blue Lives Matter cause.

What does a black flag mean in war?

In general, black flags are used by enemy forces to signify that enemy combatants are going to be killed rather than taken prisoner—essentially, the opposite of the white flag used to represent surrender. This is also sometimes referred to as “give no quarter.”

What does a white American flag mean?

The colors of the flag are symbolic as well; red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.