How much does beer cost in Port Protection Alaska?

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ItemPort ProtectionNational avg.
Milk $3.36 $2.20
Potatoes $3.82 $3.22
Pizza $11.99 $10.74
Beer $10.10 $9.60


Is there a bar in Port Protection Alaska?

The bar and restaurant are both open until 6:00 p.m. unless there are hungry fishermen in town, though the bar is open later on Friday nights when it has live music.

Does Port Protection Alaska have a grocery store?

It’s a 1.5-mile boat ride from the cabins to the nearest road, and there’s one large trading post in Port Protection, which offers groceries, hardware supplies, laundry services, fuel, and alcohol.

What does It cost to live in Port Protection Alaska?

The total cost of housing, food, child care, transportation, health care, taxes, and other necessities for a single adult in Port Protection is $43,121 a year — less than the annual cost of living for Alaska of $45,372 and greater than the national figure of $38,433.

Does anyone still live in Port Protection Alaska?

The population was 36 at the 2020 census, down from 48 in 2010 census.

Do residents of Port Protection pay taxes?

– The Income Tax Rate for Port Protection is 0.0%. The US average is 4.6%. – Tax Rates can have a big impact when Comparing Cost of Living. – The average income of a Port Protection resident is $25,618 a year.

Does Port Protection Alaska have electricity?

There is a giant water tank up on the hill that provides good, clean water from an underground spring, with amazing water pressure. Most the residents have their own small generators for electricity, using battery banks to store the power and buying gas from Jacks.

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How cold does it get in Port Protection Alaska?

The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is August (57.6°F). The month with the lowest average high temperature is February (39.6°F). The month with the highest average low temperature is August (54.5°F). The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is February (35.4°F).

Does Port Protection have a hotel?

Port Protection Lodging and Meals

Guests stay two anglers per room in brand new lodging above the Wooden Wheel Trading Post right in the heart of the community and overlooking the bay. Breakfasts are continental-style, and lunches are served on the water.

Does Port Protection have a school?

Port Protection School is a public elementary school located in Port Protection, AK in the Southeast Island School District. It enrolls 13 students in grades 1st through 12th. Port Protection School is the 364th largest public school in Alaska and the 55,884th largest nationally. It has 6.8 students to every teacher.

Are Hans and Timbi Porter still in Port Protection?

Hans and Timbi Porter and Amanda Makar all left the show after its second season; this season is technically its fourth.

What happened to the old man on Port Protection?

Much to the sadness of many Port Protection Alaska viewers, Gary passed away in March 2021. As per KTOO, Gary died in a house fire which was reportedly accidental.

Who is the new girl on Port Protection?

Morgan Turcott is a cast member on Port Protection. She can be seen on the series learning how to cut down trees with Port Protection OG Curly Leach. It appears that Morgan is really learning the ropes when it comes to living off-grid in season 5 as Matt Carlson leads her on her first deer hunt this season.

Who runs the store in Port Protection Alaska?

Float houses are built on logs, tied to land and anchored in one place, often as a way to dodge rent and leave open the option of mobility, according to one resident. A dozen or so of the structures line the community. “It’s paradise here when the weather’s nice,” said Jack Mason, owner of Port Protection’s only store.

Where does Sue Aikens live now?

Life Below Zero has been entertaining viewers on National Geographic for an astounding 17 seasons so far. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the documentary series is primary subject Sue Aikens, who lives by herself in a remote area of Alaska, almost 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

How much are the hailstones worth?

Chip and Agnes Hailstone net worth: Chip and Agnes Hailstone are trappers, hunters, and reality television personalities who have a net worth of $100 thousand dollars. Chip and Agnes Hailstone met in Alaska, after Chip Hailstone moved there from Kalispell, Montana. Anna is a native Inupiaq.

How long is winter in Port Protection?

Snowfall. Months with snowfall in Port Protection are January through April, November and December. In Port Protection, in December, during 3.5 snowfall days, 1.61″ (41mm) of snow is typically accumulated.

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Can a person visit Port Protection Alaska?

All visitors MUST be sufficiently fit and healthy for the hike to and from the Lodge and the dock. ​​Experience the last frontier, Alaska “off the grid,” and step back to what life was like for the pioneers that settled this fabulous state and what they encountered. This area has uniqueness like no other.

How did Port Protection Alaska get its name?

Access is by boat or floatplane. A gravel boat launch at Labouchere Bay, a little more than a mile from the community, provides access to the road system. In the early 1900s, Wooden Wheel Johnson gave the cove its name.

How much is a loaf of bread in Alaska?

The Cost of Living in Alaska

Item Cost in Seattle Cost in Nome
Apples $1.69 / lb. $5.99 / lb.
Tomatoes $1.79 / lb. $5.49 / lb.
Large bread loaf $1.25 $2.59
12 large eggs $2.29 $3.79

How much is a gallon of diesel in Alaska?

State Gas Price Averages

State Regular Diesel
Alaska $4.878 $5.329
Alabama $3.469 $4.720
Arkansas $3.403 $4.636
Arizona $4.033 $4.944

What happened to Litzi’s arm on Port Protection?

Litzi has chosen not to share how she lost her arm. While she’s an intriguing and charming figure on Port Protection, she doesn’t reveal too much about herself. Republic World claims that she lost one of her arms in an accident, though there’s nothing to confirm this.

Where do kids go to school in Port Protection?

Port Protection School is a public high school of the Southeast Island School District located in Port Protection, AK. It has 13 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th.

What happened to Jack on Port Protection?

Jack Mason in Port Protection days before he passed away. Port Protection lost a larger than life resident last week when Jack Mason passed away, and the impact will be felt for years to come. Mason, 88, passed away Aug.

Who lives in Port Protection?

With approximately 100 residents living in isolation and with no law enforcement or government assistance, the cast of Port Protection must depend on themselves to survive.


  • Gary Muehlberger.
  • Timothy “Curly” Leach.
  • Sam Carlson.
  • Mary Miller.
  • Hans Porter.
  • Timbi Porter.
  • Stuart Andrews.
  • David Squibb.

How old is Gary on Port Protection?

Gary Muehlberger Age

According to some sources, Gary Muehlberger is about 70-75 years old.

How many seasons of Port Protection are there?

That’s the day that both Next Generation and Port Protection Alaska return, for their fourth and fifth seasons respectively, back-to-back beginning at 8/7c, TV Insider has learned exclusively.

What happened to Johnny and Leland on Port Protection?

Both of her sons have died

Their boys were called Johnny, who was born on 26 June 1991 and Leland born on 28 June 1996. Their eldest boy passed away on July 10 2017 and the cause of death has still not been announced, but it has been said that it was due to “unnatural” causes.

What happened to Gary’s dog trapper on Port Protection?

Trapper is alive and well and being cared for. That is all the information there is. Please celebrate Gary’s well lived life and know that he died a Happy Man.

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Is homesteading still legal in Alaska?

Homesteading ended on all federal lands on October 21, 1986. The State of Alaska currently has no homesteading program for its lands. In 2012, the State made some state lands available for private ownership through two types of programs: sealed-bid auctions and remote recreation cabin sites.

How much money do Alaskans receive?

As of 2019, the fund was worth approximately $64 billion that has been funded by oil revenues and has paid out an average of approximately $1,600 annually per resident (adjusted to 2019 dollars).

How much does it cost to live in Port Protection Alaska?

Port Protection cost of living is 123.7

COST OF LIVING Port Protection Alaska
Overall 123.7 125.8
Grocery 148.3 141.7
Health 112.9 113
Housing 151.9 134.3

How much do Port Protection cast get paid?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $129,500 and as low as $19,500, the majority of Port Protection salaries currently range between $36,000 (25th percentile) to $83,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $110,500 annually across the United States.

Is there a bar in Port Protection Alaska?

The bar and restaurant are both open until 6:00 p.m. unless there are hungry fishermen in town, though the bar is open later on Friday nights when it has live music.

Does Port Protection have a hotel?

Port Protection Lodging and Meals

Guests stay two anglers per room in brand new lodging above the Wooden Wheel Trading Post right in the heart of the community and overlooking the bay. Breakfasts are continental-style, and lunches are served on the water.

Who owns kavik river camp now?

Aikens owns and operates the Kavik River Camp, one of the most remote bed and breakfast operations in the world. It sits 12 miles from the eastern border of the Artic National Wildlife Refuge and smack dab in the middle of grizzly bear territory.

Why is hailstone in jail?

Edward V. “Chip” Hailstone was convicted of two counts of perjury and two counts of providing false information with the intent of implicating another in an offense.

What happen to Kate on Life Below Zero?

Kate Rorke Bassich traded in Alaska for Canada

As for Kate, the former co-star of “Life Below Zero” moved away from the harsh Alaskan wilderness to Newfoundland in Canada, and appears to have moved on from her reality show days.

How much does Sue Aiken make per episode?

There’s no official word on how much they make, but reports say that Sue Aiken gets paid $4,500 per episode and $200,000 per year to star in the show. Glenn Villeneuve was also said to make $200,000 a year.

How cold does it get at Port Protection?

What is the coldest month in Port Protection? February is the coldest month in Port Protection, Alaska, with an average high-temperature of 39.6°F (4.2°C) and an average low-temperature of 35.4°F (1.9°C).

Is port protection in Alaska or Canada?

Surrounded by the North Pacific, Port Protection is a remote community tucked into the northwest corner of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.