How do I delete my security question on EA?

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Dot.: how can i remove security question

  1. Go to Origin.
  2. Hover over your nickname.
  3. Press on EA Account and Billing.
  4. On the site go to Security.
  5. On the top, you will see “Account Security”
  6. Press “edit”

How do I reset my EA security question?

How to change your EA Account security question and answer

  1. Log in to your EA Account.
  2. Select Origin in the top toolbar.
  3. Select Account and Privacy from the pull-down menu.
  4. Select Security on the left menu bar.
  5. Select Edit located beside Account Security.

How do I remove a trusted device from my EA account?

When you log in to your account, check the box for Remember this device on the screen where you enter your Login Verification code to make that device a trusted one. You can check out the trusted devices on your account by viewing your security settings. You can also remove any trusted devices that you don’t use often.

What is EA Security?

The EA Online Security Team protects Electronic Arts online systems,services, and data against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage, or loss.

How do I ask a question on EA?

Re: Where can i ask a question directly to the official EA support

  1. Set your language to US at the bottom.
  2. Describe your issue with a few words.
  3. Select Product: Spore.
  4. Select Category: Billing/Purchasing or Account Management.
  5. Select Platform: PC.
  6. Click Find solution.
  7. Scroll down and click I still need help.

How do I create a new security question on FIFA?

Go to the FUT website and login. When you are asked for your secret question, click on Forgot answer? Next, you’ll need to login to your trusted device and load FIFA. Once you enter the Ultimate Team game mode, you will be prompted to create a new Secret Question.

How do I reset my Ultimate Team password?

I can’t sign in

  1. Go to the EA Help login.
  2. Click Forgot Your Password? to reset your password.
  3. Enter your email or EA Account ID.
  4. Check your email for a link to create a new password, and follow the instructions.
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Why do I keep getting EA Security code emails?

You get a code everytime you try to access your account. If you are getting them randomly, there is a chance someone might be trying to login to your account and you are getting the codes required. You can check your login verification settngs in Origin under Security settings.

Does making an EA account cost money?

No it doesn’t cost to have an account.

How do you connect EA?

How do I attach a file?

  1. When you’re logged into EA Help, click Accounts then My Cases.
  2. Click on the open case you want to attach your file to.
  3. Click Attach files…
  4. Find the file you want to attach and click Open.

What is EA answer HQ?

So we’ve created EA’s new Answer HQ. It’s a community initiative to have players share their gaming expertise with other players. This is the place where your ideas shape the community, where sharing knowledge is rewarded, and where you can climb the ranks to be the hero.

How do I post to EA Help?

On the web

From EA Help, you can report a bug or give feedback by clicking Contact Us, choosing a game and platform, then selecting the Report a bug category. Depending on your game, we might direct you to Answers HQ or ask you to email us.

How do I unlock my EA account on FIFA 18?

To unlock your account you would need to log in on a trusted console (Xbox/PlayStation) and try to reset your security question there. If you are still experiencing issues after this or cannot access your trusted console, then please contact an Advisor at for assistance.

How do I connect my Xbox account to Origin?

On your platform

  1. Open one of our games on your PlayStation®, Xbox, or Switch. For Google Stadia, you can use the account linking page.
  2. Enter the email address and password for your primary EA Account when you’re asked to log in.
  3. Once you’ve signed in, your accounts will be linked.

What EA account is linked to my Xbox?

To see what accounts are connected to your EA account sign in here: and go to the Connections tab. You can also unlink your accounts via the Connections tab too. If your Xbox account is linked to another EA account then you won’t be able to unlink it unless you can verify that EA account.

How do I reset my EA account on ps4?

Re: How to change ea account on ps4

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the requested information in the text fields.
  3. Make sure the email you provide is one you have access to, we will be communicating with you here.

Why am I not getting a verification code to verify my email?

If you’ve tried the Resend Code option and are still not receiving the email notification, the issue is likely related to email blocking. Occasionally, DocuSign email verification code notifications may be blocked by either your email server, firewall, email provider, or email client (such as MS Outlook).

How long does it take to get a verification code?

Codes can take up to 30 minutes to be delivered in some cases. Request a new code. If you have not received your code after 30 minutes, try requesting another code.

Do I need EA account to play games?

No you do not. You can purchase the game you want to play from Origin directly, and then play it any time you want.

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How much is EA Play for a year?

Don’t just get the game – get more from your game with EA Play. Members get more rewards, more exclusive content, and unlimited access to more top titles for $4.99 a month, or save on a full year of membership for just $29.99.

What email is linked to my EA account?

Click on your EA ID at the bottom of the client. Click EA Account & Billing. A browser window will open with a page for My Account. On the About Me tab, you’ll see a preview of your email address with asterisks.

Can you have two EA accounts?

You can’t have multiple accounts under one EA Account but you could have multiple EA account. You would need to purchase the game for every account to be able to play on them all.

How do I link my Origin account to steam?

How to link Steam and your EA Account

  1. Sign in to Steam.
  2. Click Play to launch an EA game from Steam.
  3. Install Origin if you haven’t already.
  4. Origin will launch and ask you to link your Steam account and your EA Account.
  5. Log in to Origin using your EA Account info or create a new EA Account.

How long does EA take to respond?

Depending on how busy the lines are you can expect a callback or chat within an hour or so and for TOS the time frame is generally 72 hours.

Is there EA live chat?

Whether you can get a live chat option depends on where you live and the time of day you try to contact a game advisor. Since it’s Monday, and EA is open for regular hours soon, you might want to try again in a bit. Follow the link: .

Is FIFA 22 down?

EA FIFA 22 servers are currently down.

How do I fix EA connection problems?

Unable to Connect to EA Servers? How to Fix It

  1. Restart the Game.
  2. Make Sure That Origin Is Online.
  3. Restart the Origin Application.
  4. Restart Your PC.
  5. Run Origin With Administrator Privileges.
  6. Check if Origin Servers Are Down.
  7. Check Your Internet’s Stability.

Why is my ea account blocked?

A ban is when we remove your access to a game, part of a game, or your EA Account for an extended period of time. We often issue a ban on your EA Account due to repeated or extreme violations of our Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct. Account bans are typically permanent.

How do you unlock your FIFA account?


You’ll need to speak with the Account Management team, through the contact us site here. They will be able to look into your issue and provide you with assistance. Please make sure to Accept Solutions and give XP when someone has provided you with assistance.

How do I unlink my EA account from my Xbox One?

Go to the EA Account settings portal. Click on Connections. Find the account you want to unlink, and click the Unlink button next to it.

How can I get EA games for free?

Go to the Origin website. Click on the EA Play tab in the left-side menu. Scroll down until you see the section with the Join EA Play Today and Join Pro Today buttons. Choose the plan you want—if there is a free trial available, it should be stated above the join buttons.

Do EA accounts expire?

‘If you have not used your Entitlements or Account for twenty four (24) months or more and your Account has associated Entitlements, your Entitlements will expire and your Account may be cancelled for non-use,’ say the terms.

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How do I reset my EA account password?

I can’t sign in

  1. Go to the EA Help login.
  2. Click Forgot Your Password? to reset your password.
  3. Enter your email or EA Account ID.
  4. Check your email for a link to create a new password, and follow the instructions.

How do I change my EA account email?

Go to your EA Account and Billing Settings. Click on the About Me tab.

Click Edit next to:

  1. Basic Information to update your EA ID, Display Name, Real Name, and Date of Birth.
  2. Email Address to update your email that we have on file.
  3. Regional Settings to update your country of residence or language.

How do I change my EA account?

You cannot move your games or personas to another account yourself. If you decide you really want to merge your accounts, you’ll have to contact us to do that. When you talk to one of our advisors, we’ll make sure there’s no better way to solve this for you.

Where is my EA account on ps4?

PlayStation: Go to Settings, then Online Settings. Choose your EA Account.

How do I get my EA backup code?

Re: backup codes!

  1. From EA Help, click Accounts, then Account Security.
  2. If you need to, log in to your EA Account to open the My Account: Security page.
  3. Click View next to Backup Codes.
  4. You will see a list of backup codes. Keep this list in a safe, accessible place.

How do I add a trusted device to my EA account?

Use trusted devices

  1. When you log in to your account, check the box for Remember this device on the screen where you enter your Login Verification code to make that device a trusted one.
  2. You can check out the trusted devices on your account by viewing your security settings.

When did Xbox get hacked?

Microsoft. Microsoft’s computer network was compromised repeatedly by the Xbox Underground between 2011 and 2013. According to a 65-page indictment, the hackers spent “hundreds of hours” searching through Microsoft’s network copying log-in credentials, source code, technical specifications and other data.

How do I find my 6 digit Xbox code?

Forgot your passkey

When you’re prompted to enter your passkey on the console, enter any 6-digit combination three times. Enter your Microsoft account password when prompted. Select Make a new passkey. Enter a new passkey, and then enter it again to confirm.

What if you lose your phone with two-factor authentication?

If you lose your phone, you can ask your carrier to transfer your phone number to a new phone or SIM card. If you can’t sign in, follow the steps to recover your account. If you’re having trouble, try the tips to complete account recovery steps.

What’s a 6 digit verification code?

The six-digit verification code of WhatsApp is also known as verification OTP (One Time Password). It is a random combination of six numbers that are temporarily generated and sent via SMS or call to authenticate a WhatsApp account at the time of setup.

Is FIFA 22 free with EA Play?

Great news! EA has now added FIFA 22 to the list of free games available with EA Play this month, meaning you can take to the pitch for free. This is a full game download too, so there will be no limit as to which game modes you can play.

Does EA Play cost money?

How much is EA Play? An EA Play membership is just $4.99 a month. Or you can save even more by signing up for a full year for $29.99 – a membership pays for itself if you buy even one game with your 10% discount!