How do I copy a question from a protected website?

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7 ways to copy content from a website with disabled text selection and right clicking

  1. Disable JavaScript from the browser.
  2. Copy from website source code.
  3. Select from inspect element.
  4. Using Proxy Sites.
  5. Print website to PDF.
  6. Disable from CSS user-select property.
  7. Take a screenshot of the content.


How do I copy content from a protected website?

To copy text from a blocked site in Chrome, open Chrome and the website or page you want to copy from. Right-click on the webpage to reveal a drop-down menu of options. Do not highlight any text first. Select “View Page Source” or “Inspect.” The latter option takes you directly to the specific area in the source code.

How do I copy text from a website that Cannot be copied?

Press Ctrl + U (PC) or ⌘ Cmd + ⌥ Option + U (Mac). This option will display the website’s source code in any web browser. As long as the text you want to copy isn’t an image, you’ll be able to copy it from the source code and paste it anywhere.

How do I copy text from a protected website Chrome?

Related | 3 Ways to Extract, Copy Text From Images & Videos in Chrome

  1. Method 1- Disable JavaScript to Copy Protected Text.
  2. Method 2- Simple Allow Copy Extension.
  3. Method 3- OCR to Copy Text from Protected Website.
  4. Method 4- View Source Code to Copy Protected Text.
  5. Method 5- Print the Webpage to Copy Protected Text.

How do you copy something that won’t let you?

Download and install Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy on Chrome or Firefox browser.

  1. Once installed, open the webpage that’s not allowing you to copy and paste the text.
  2. Click the extension icon in the top right corner next to the Settings icon.
  3. From the popup menu, click on the Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy.
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How do I copy text when right click is disabled?

How to Copy Content from Right-Click Disabled Webpages?

  1. Disable JavaScript in Browser. As mentioned, most website owners use JavaScript to disable right-clicking and text selection.
  2. Copy Content from Source Code.
  3. Disable CSS Element.
  4. Use VPN or Proxy Sites.
  5. Screenshot.
  6. Print to PDF.
  7. Browser Extensions.
  8. Use Mobile Device.

Why can’t I copy text on some websites?

Most websites use JavaScript to block mouse functionality. If you turn off JavaScript on the site temporarily or even permanently, you will be able to copy text displayed on it using the mouse. Some websites rely on JavaScript on the other hand which means that you may run into issues doing so.

How do I copy just the text from a website?

How to Copy Plain Text from the Web

  1. Click Edit, Copy as Plain Text.
  2. Right-click the selection and choose Copy as Plain Text.
  3. Press Ctrl-Shift-C.

How do you collect data from a website?

You find it in web scraping. Web scraping is a process of using automated bots to crawl through the internet and extract data. The bots collect information by first breaking down the targeted site to its most basic form, HTML text, then scan through to gather data according to some preset parameters.

How do I lift an image from a website?

Right click that URL and click Open in new tab. 6. In the new tab, right click the image and choose Save image as. Now you can name your file and save it to your computer.

What do people use web scraping for?

Web scraping is the process of collecting structured web data in an automated fashion. It’s also called web data extraction. Some of the main use cases of web scraping include price monitoring, price intelligence, news monitoring, lead generation, and market research among many others.

What is required for web scraping?

Technical requirements

There are four key parts to every web scraping project: Data discovery. Data extraction. Extraction scale.

What is used to collect information from webpage?

Web scrapers automatically collect information and data that’s usually only accessible by visiting a website in a browser. By doing this autonomously, web scraping scripts open up a world of possibilities in data mining, data analysis, statistical analysis, and much more.

What are the 4 methods of data collection?

Data may be grouped into four main types based on methods for collection: observational, experimental, simulation, and derived.

How can I download images from a website for free?

Extract. pics is an easy to use tool that allows you to extract, view and download images from any public website. Simply paste the URL of the website into the input field and click “Extract” to start the process. The extraction process will take a few seconds to make sure it finds as many images as possible.

How do you edit something out of a picture?

YouCam Perfect is the best free app to remove unwanted objects from photos and it’s available for both Android and iOS.

  1. Download the app and Click the “Removal” button in Photo Edit mode.
  2. Paint the object you want to remove.
  3. Use Eraser to adjust the chosen area.
  4. Click the Finish button and see the results instantly!
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What websites allow web scraping?

Scrapy, ParseHub, Scraper API. OctoParse,, Common Crawl, Mozenda, Content Grabber are a few of the best web scraping tools available for free.

How long does web scraping take?

Typically, a serial web scraper will make requests in a loop, one after the other, with each request taking 2-3 seconds to complete.

What is the difference between web scraping and web crawling?

The short answer is that web scraping is about extracting the data from one or more websites. While crawling is about finding or discovering URLs or links on the web. Usually, in web data extraction projects, you need to combine crawling and scraping.

Is web scraping hard?

Web scraping is easy! Anyone even without any knowledge of coding can scrape data if they are given the right tool. Programming doesn’t have to be the reason you are not scraping the data you need. There are various tools, such as Octoparse, designed to help non-programmers scrape websites for relevant data.

Do I need to know HTML for web scraping?

It’s not hard to understand, but before you can start web scraping, you need to first master HTML. To extract the right pieces of information, you need to right-click “inspect.” You’ll find a very long HTML code that seems infinite. Don’t worry. You don’t need to know HTML deeply to be able to extract the data.

Is Beautiful Soup legal?

For example, it is legal when the data extracted is composed of directories and telephone listing for personal use. However, if the extracted data is for commercial use—without the consent of the owner—this would be illegal.

How do I pull data from a website into Excel?

Select Data > Get & Transform > From Web. Press CTRL+V to paste the URL into the text box, and then select OK. In the Navigator pane, under Display Options, select the Results table.

Do websites track your IP address?

However, websites can’t trace that unique IP address to your physical home or business address. Instead, websites can tie your IP address to your internet service provider, city, region, and even possibly your ZIP code. This is why you see ads for local businesses in your area online, for example.

How do you collect data from a questionnaire?

All survey types, including online surveys, follow the same steps:

  1. Determine your objectives.
  2. Select respondents.
  3. Create a data analysis plan.
  4. Develop the survey.
  5. Pre-test the survey.
  6. Distribute and conduct the survey.
  7. Analyse the data.
  8. Report the results. Let’s walk through the survey process step-by-step.

What is the easiest and most relevant way of gathering data methods?

1. Surveys. Surveys are one way in which you can directly ask customers for information. You can use them to collect either quantitative or qualitative data or both.

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Is Octoparse free?

Is Octoparse Free? The answer is YES. Octoparse can be used under a free plan and free trial of paid versions is also available. It supports the Xpath setting to locate web elements precisely and Regex setting to re-format extracted data.

What is scraping and cupping?

Cupping does not typically cause pain, however, some of our patients refer to the feeling as “interesting”. Scraping: This involves using a tool to scrape the skin to help improve circulation. This is an ancient Chinese technique that has been used for decades.

How do I get copyright free images on Google?

Search for the image you want as you normally would, then head to the Images section. Click on “Tools” to expand the filter menu. Under “Usage Rights,” you’ll find the option to sort images by their license — Creative Commons or commercial use. That’s it.

How do I download copyright free images from Google?

Find images with info available on how to reuse them

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, go to
  2. Search for an image.
  3. To narrow results to images with available license info, under the search box, tap Filter Usage rights.
  4. Tap the image you want.

How do I remove text from an image without deleting the background?

TouchRetouch (Android)

  1. Get the TouchRetouch app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app, tap “Albums” and select the photo that you want to process.
  3. Go to the toolbar and choose “Quick Repair”, then “Quick Brush” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Highlight the text that you want to erase and tap “Remove”.

How can I get something removed from a picture for free?

14 Free Apps to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photo

  1. FixThePhoto – Professional retouchers.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Fix – Pocket Photoshop to realize all creative goals.
  3. Clip Studio Paint – Designed for drawing.
  4. TouchRetouch – For quick and easy objects removal.
  5. inPixio Remove Background – Simple online tool.

What is the best free tool for data scraping?

24 Best Free and Paid Web Scraping Tools and Software in 2021

  • Scrapy.
  • ScrapeHero Cloud.
  • Data Scraper (Chrome Extension)
  • Scraper (Chrome Extension)
  • ParseHub.
  • OutWitHub.
  • Visual Web Ripper.

What is the best tool for web scraping Why?

Top 8 Web Scraping Tools

  • ParseHub.
  • Scrapy.
  • OctoParse.
  • Scraper API.
  • Mozenda.
  • Content Grabber.
  • Common Crawl.

How do I know if scraping is legal?

In order to check whether the website supports web scraping, you should append “/robots. txt” to the end of the URL of the website you are targeting. In such a case, you have to check on that special site dedicated to web scraping. Always be aware of copyright and read up on fair use.

How do I scrape text from a website?

Extract Text Only

  1. Open the Web page from which you want to extract text.
  2. Click the “Save as” or “Save Page As” option and select “Text Files” from the Save as Type drop-down menu.
  3. Click and drag to select the text on the Web page you want to extract and press “Ctrl-C” to copy the text.