How do I allow websites in Seqrite endpoint security?

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How to allow access to certain websites only and block the rest under Web filtering Feature?

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web Console.
  2. Go to Settings > Client Settings > Web Security.
  3. Under Web Categories, select the Restrict access to particular categories of website checkbox.


How do I add exceptions to Seqrite Endpoint Security?

Adding exceptions to the device control list

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Server > Manage Devices.
  3. Click Add Devices.
  4. Select from Network Devices, USB Devices, or Other Devices.
  5. Click Settings > Client Settings > Advanced Device Control.
  6. Click Exceptions.
  7. Click Add.

How do I find out what category a website is in Seqrite?

Applicable Version: All Seqrite EPS, EPS cloud (UEM), UTM and Quick Heal Server Edition Antivirus. 2. Enter the URL which is detecting in miss category, select the Product from the drop down menu, select on “I’m not a robot” and Click on “Show current category”.

How do I change my Seqrite policy?

Description :

  1. Login to Seqrite EPS Console, then click on “Clients”
  2. Click on “Manage Policies”
  3. Click on “Add” button.
  4. Create Policy name & provide its description.
  5. Click on “Advanced Device Control” option.
  6. Click on “Enable Advanced Device Control” & then click on “Storage Devices”

How do I open ports in Seqrite firewall?

Navigate to Firewall > Forwarding Rules.

Browse or add Source Address(es) using the + (Add) icon.

  1. Select Protocol TCP from list has options as ALL, TCP and UDP.
  2. Select External IP. External IP is the WAN interface IP address which will be used in forwarding.
  3. Select the Mapped IP by using + (Add) icon.
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How do I disable the firewall in Seqrite endpoint security?

Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console. Go to Settings > Client Settings > Firewall. To enable Firewall, select the Enable Firewall check box. In Exceptions section, select the exception that you want to delete.

How do I add clients to Seqrite endpoint security?

Installing Seqrite Client

  1. Copy the Client Installer created from Online/Standalone Installer to Windows system.
  2. Extract the zip file on the system.
  3. Execute the installer file. The name of installer file, as per the options selected is as follows,
  4. On executing the installer file, the Seqrite Client Agent is installed.

How do you classify a website?

A website is classified either as single service, brand or service directory. We utilize a number of features that are derived from the link of the website, the postal addresses found in the website, the size of the website, and the text of the anchor element in the Document Object Model tree.

What is a high risk URL?

The website is categorized as high risk if the website was recently compromised and then remediated. This means the website has transitioned through malware, phishing, or command-and-control URL Category. Few other reasons are listed under additional section.

How do I remove offline client from Seqrite endpoint security?

To remove inactive clients, follow the below steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Clients.
  3. Under Inactive Client Settings, select the Enable automatic removal of inactive clients.

What is Seqrite endpoint security password?

Select 2. Reset Web Super Administrator password then Press Y to reset the password to default password which is admin@123.

How do I know when my Seqrite endpoint security expires?

Displays expiry date of the Seqrite Endpoint Security license.


  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. On the Home page, click the View License link available along with the product name and details.
  3. On the License Manager page, click the Status tab.

How do I create a client packager in Seqrite?

On the Seqrite Endpoint Security server, go to Start > Programs > Seqrite EPS Console > Client Packager. In Client Agent Package list, select Custom.

  1. Specify if you want to include antivirus setup in Client Packager by selecting Yes or No.
  2. Click Create.

How do I change my website category?

To rename a category

  1. Open the ‘Website Filtering’ Panel by clicking ‘Security Settings’ > ‘Firewall’ > ‘ Website Filtering’ tab from the ‘Advanced Settings’ interface.
  2. Click the ‘Categories’ tab to open the ‘Categories’ pane.
  3. Select the category to be renamed.

Which category is best for website?

12 Popular Types of Websites You Can Create

  • eCommerce Website.
  • Business Website.
  • Entertainment Website.
  • Portfolio Website.
  • Media Website.
  • Brochure Website.
  • Nonprofit Website.
  • Educational Website.

Do websites have categories?

What Is Website Categorization? Simply put, website categorization is a means for companies to classify sites they access often under different umbrellas for marketing, cybersecurity, and brand protection purposes. Examples of website categories include entertainment, shopping, games, and more.

How do I create my own website class?

How to create an online course

  1. Choose the right subject matter.
  2. Test your idea.
  3. Research the topic extensively.
  4. Write a course outline.
  5. Create the course content.
  6. Bring your course online.
  7. Sell your online course.
  8. Market your content.

What is website risk?

Web Risk is a Google Cloud service that lets client applications check URLs against Google’s constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources. Unsafe web resources include social engineering sites—such as phishing and deceptive sites—and sites that host malware or unwanted software.

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What does Fortinet block?

FortiGuard’s cloud-delivered AI-driven web filtering service provides comprehensive threat protection to address threats including ransomware, credential-theft, phishing, and other web-borne attacks.

How do I update Seqrite endpoint security offline?

Step 1: Select the Seqrite Unified Threat Management (UTM) product version. Step 2: Select download type – weekly, monthly or complete. Step 3: Click on download button and download the file on your machine. Step 4: Login to Seqrite Unified Threat Management (UTM) using the admin credentials.

How do I remove a client from Seqrite endpoint security console?

To remove the client through Remote Uninstall, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.
  2. Go to Clients > Client Deployment > Remote Uninstall.
  3. Select the endpoint from which you want to uninstall the Seqrite client.
  4. Select Start Uninstall Notification.

How do I turn off checkpoint endpoint security?

You can configure if Endpoint Security VPN users can choose to disable the firewall policy on their local machines. If this option is enabled, when users right-click the client icon, they can select Disable Security Policy.

How do I disable my antivirus password protection?

To disable password protection:

  1. Open the application settings window.
  2. In the left part of the window, in the General Settings section, select Interface.
  3. In the Password protection section, click the Settings button.
  4. Clear the Enable password protection check box.
  5. Click the OK button.

How do I remove Seqrite endpoint security from my Mac?

Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console. Go to Clients> Client Deployment > Remote Uninstall. Select the endpoints from which you want to uninstall the Seqrite client. Select Start Uninstall Notification.

How do I remove Seqrite endpoint security in Linux?

To Uninstall Seqrite Client, run the command ./qhuninstall from the installation directory /usr/lib/Seqrite/Seqrite.

How do I enable Seqrite endpoint security on a Mac?

Installing Seqrite Endpoint Security on Mac System

To create a Mac Seqrite Client installer, follow these steps: 1 On the Seqrite Endpoint Security server, go to Start > Programs > Seqrite EPS Console 7.6 > Client Packager. 2 In the Client Agent Package list, select Custom. 3 In the OS Platform list, select Mac.

What are the 7 types of websites?

Different types of websites:

  • Blogs.
  • Business/Corporate Websites.
  • NGO /Non-Profit Websites.
  • E-Commerce Websites.
  • Educational Websites.
  • 6. Entertainment Website.
  • Portfolio Website.
  • Social Media Websites.

What are the 8 different types of websites?

Here are the 8 different types of websites:

  • Homepages.
  • Magazine websites.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Blogs.
  • Portfolio websites.
  • Landing pages.
  • Social media websites.
  • Directory and contact pages.

How do I remove a category from a Permalink?

Remove Category in WordPress Permalinks

  1. Connect to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings >> Permalinks.
  3. Go to Custom Structure and put ‘/%category%/%postname%/’.
  4. Go to Category Base and type in a dot “. “.
  5. Save the changes.

How do I find the category URL in WordPress?

To fetch the category link, you’ll have to first fetch the category ID. You can do this with the help of get_cat_ID function() function. $category_id = get_cat_ID( ‘Category Name’ ); Here you can get the ID of any category by specifying the name of the category, in place of ‘Category Name’.

What is difference between dynamic website and static website?

A static website is one with stable content, where every user sees the exact same thing on each individual page. On the other hand, a dynamic website is one where content is pulled on-the-fly, allowing its content to change with the user.

What type of websites get the most traffic?

The 50 Most Visited Websites In the World

  • Google: 92.5 billion.
  • YouTube: 34.6 billion.
  • Facebook: 25.5 billion.
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How do you categorize a domain?

How to categorize my domains?

  1. Select Profile from the left sidebar and choose the Tools section:
  2. Click on the Manage button for Categories:
  3. From the Manage Categories page, you can add a new category if you click on the Add Category button (1) or modify the existing one by selecting the Edit button next to it (2):

How many custom URLs may be added across all URL categories?

You can create up to 64 custom categories and you can also choose whether the URLs, keywords, and IP ranges you add remain mapped to their parent URL category (the predefined URL category to which they currently belong).

What are website categories?

Categories group individual Web pages together based on a similar subject or theme. Widely used in blogging platforms like WordPress, categories give order and structure to a website’s content, or its taxonomy.

What is the difference between tags and categories?

So, what’s the difference between tags and categories? While categories indicate the genre of your post, tags are more specific and indicate the specific topic your post seeks to cover. The best tags use a few words to describe what the post is about.

How do I create a free course website?

8 Best (FREE) Web Development Courses for Beginners

  1. Codecademy. Codecademy offers a series of self-guided tutorials for beginners to learn the basics of web development programming.
  2. Khan Academy.
  3. MIT OpenCourseware.
  4. Coursera.
  5. Mozilla Developer Network.
  6. HTML5 Rocks.
  7. A List Apart.
  8. Coding Dojo Algorithm Prep.

How do you code a website?

How to Code a Website

  1. Pick your code editor.
  2. Write your HTML.
  3. Create your CSS stylesheet.
  4. Put your HTML and CSS together.
  5. Code a responsive website or a static website.
  6. Code a simple website or an interactive website.

Why is a URL blocked?

URL filtering restricts what web content users can access. It does this by blocking certain URLs from loading. Companies implement URL filtering to help prevent employees from using company resources — devices, network bandwidth, etc. — in a way that negatively impacts the company.

How do I allow URL in Checkpoint firewall?

In the Security Policies view of SmartConsole, go to the Access Control Policy. Choose a Layer with Applications and URL Filtering enabled. Click one of the Add Rule toolbar buttons to add the rule in the position that you choose in the Rule Base.

Which is an example of a Web security threat?

Common categories of cyber threats include malware, social engineering, man in the middle (MitM) attacks, denial of service (DoS), and injection attacks—we describe each of these categories in more detail below.

What kind of threats can we get as we visit a website?

Common types of web security threats include computer viruses, data theft, and phishing attacks. While they are not limited to online activity, web security issues involve cyber criminals using the internet to cause harm to victims.

How do I unblock a website on FortiGate?

Go to Security Profiles -> Web Rating Overrides. The red block shows the current Category where the website belongs. The Green Block shows the category and sub-category where the override will be performed. Apply to save the changes.

How do I disable the firewall in Seqrite endpoint security?

Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console. Go to Settings > Client Settings > Firewall. To enable Firewall, select the Enable Firewall check box. In Exceptions section, select the exception that you want to delete.